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The St. James High Dividend Yield portfolio takes a total return approach to dividend investing, seeking attractive current income and capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio of dividend-paying stocks.

The typical portfolio will have approximately 30 companies.

The High Dividend Yield value-oriented approach invests primarily in securities with above-average dividend yields and trading at reasonable discounts from our assessment of intrinsic value.

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At a Glance

Who Should Invest?

Value conscious moderate to conservative equity investor with a long-term horizon.

Wants a portfolio that is trying to deliver an absolute return.

Governing Principles

We will invest in companies with above-average dividend yields and an established history of paying dividends.

We believe the best way to accomplish our goals is to accept short-term underperformance for long-term success.


We are absolute return investors and each investment must meet our strict fundamental research and macroeconomic criteria, not just offer opportunity relative to other alternatives.

Primary Portfolio

Dividend-paying equities.

Portfolio Manager

Brian Mark