Balanced Portfolio

(Formerly Blue Chip Dividend with Income Portfolio)


The St. James Balanced Portfolio seeks to provide both long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing in stocks, bonds, and cash. The portfolio seeks to provide total return through a combination of growth, income, and preservation of capital in declining markets. The portfolio is primarily composed of U.S. Dividend paying companies and fixed-income securities.

The portfolio will invest in Blue Chip companies from around the world, which we consider well-known, well-established, and well-secured. Generally, a Blue Chip company may be resistant to economic downturns, contributing to its qualities of a strong market position, seasoned management team, solid financial conditions, and above-average earnings growth and profitability.

The equity portion of the portfolio places emphasis on selecting companies with above-average dividends and those trading at reasonable discounts from our assessment of intrinsic value.

The fixed income portion of the portfolio provides long-term growth of income and a moderate level of current income.

The allocation of stocks and bonds varies depending on where we believe the best long-term opportunities can be found.

Primary Portfolio:

Equity portion will be invested in primarily dividend-paying equities and the fixed-income portion of the portfolio will utilize electronic traded funds or select fixed-income securities.