A job well done means following through from beginning to end. We live life events with our clients. 

Jennifer A. Abbonizio

Chief Compliance Officer | Office Manager

Jenn's Story

Chief Compliance Officer | Office Manager

Jennifer is the Chief Compliance Officer and Office Manager for St. James Investment Advisors. Previously Jennifer worked for the St. James Investment Company.

She initially started her financial industry career with Dreyfus Service Corporation as an Investment Service Representative and then later within Corporate Training for Financial Center Representatives in both Mutual Fund Sales and Customer Service.

Jennifer attended Suffolk Community College and studied Accounting.

  • jenn@stjamesia.com
  • 1-800-966-9343

Leadership Character


Jenn is a savvy, smart, reliable leader at St. James. Her compliance skills keep the firm on the right track serving our clients. Simply stated, Jenn is someone you want in your corner to face challenging issues with.


Building a great business requires energy. Luckily for us, Jenn is an enthusiastic leader who brings boundless energy to our round table every single day. Both clients and colleagues are lifted by her optimism. 


There are some people who serve as the "glue" that hold everything and everyone together. Jenn is that person at St. James. As the office manager, she is the day to day engine that makes us successful.