All of our portfolios employ the same value investment philosophy and process because we believe that it is the best way, over a long time period, to maximize profit potential while reducing risk.

  • Our style of investing is not necessarily complex but does require conviction, discipline, and patience.
  • St. James Investment Advisors recognizes that each investor has unique financial goals.
  • We primarily offer the following portfolios with different investment objectives.

“At St. James, value investing isn’t just a style of investing, it’s the only way of investing.”

Brian Mark

Portfolio Manager

High Dividend Yield Portfolio

The St. James High Dividend Yield Portfolio takes a total return approach to dividend investing, seeking attractive current income and capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio of dividend-paying stocks. 

The typical portfolio will have approximately 30 companies.

The High Dividend Yield value-oriented approach invests primarily in securities with above-average dividend yields and trading at reasonable discounts from our assessment of intrinsic value.

Additional Portfolios