"We will discourage short-term speculators and market timers from joining us and will communicate with our investment partners as candidly as possible."

- Brian Mark, Portfolio Manager

The St. James Difference

“We think “benchmark risk” is part of investment life. Our firm’s goal is to earn solid absolute investment returns over long periods of time without exposing our clients’ capital to undue risk. We do not think about any particular index when we make investment decisions. We also believe that cash is sometimes the most attractive investment. We know this approach causes headaches for some of our favorite consultants, but we think flexibility and common sense will continue to serve our clients well over the years." - Brian Mark

We are Professional Portfolio Managers committed to Value Investing.

We are based in the historic village of Port Jefferson, New York, far away from the fray of Wall Street which enables us to apply an objective, disciplined and patient long-term investing perspective.

Our 5 Principles



We believe preservation of capital is as important as growth of capital. We focus on absolute returns - not a benchmark. We have a long history as portfolio managers spanning both prosperous and difficult
economic times


Independently owned.
Our interests are aligned with our clients’ interests.
We are focused on being diligent stewards of our investors’ assets.
We have investors throughout the U.S. and are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


We conduct original research and pride ourselves on our distant location from Wall Street. We believe that preservation of capital is as important as growth of capital. Tax efficiency - we have very low turnover in order to reduce capital gains distributions.


We are long-term value investors who buy high quality companies with solid growth potential at bargain prices. Wall Street’s short-term views do not sway our Main Street long-term goals. We conduct original research and are long-term value investors.


Wall Street's short term obsessions do not sway our Main street long term focus. We believe that preservation of capital is as important as growth of capital and we're not afraid to make hard decisions.